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Opera Casino

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Combining our 25-year experience of casino management with the traditions of the best European gambling houses we have opened Opera casino in the center of Minsk. Just think about La Scala opera house in Milan and Palais Garnier opera house in Paris and now imagine Opera Casino where we have tried to reproduce the atmosphere of these fabulous places.

The area of 1 500 sq.m. comprises 6 gambling halls with everything you need for good rest, comprising a separate hall with a restaurant and a stage.

In Opera casino you can choose between different types of poker (Texas holdem, Russian poker, club poker), blackjack, American roulette, punto banco, electronic roulette and bookmaker's office. You can also find the most advanced slot machines with the vastest choice of games.

For real luxury and private games connoisseurs privacy is a must. Especially for you we have opened 4 VIP halls, each featuring its own atmosphere and unique style.

Chaliapine hall

Like the outstanding singer Chaliapine, this hall can offer you a vast range of entertainment – from a quiet game to the exuberant karaoke fun.

Imperial hall

Between the games you can come here to rest, get cozy in front of a fireplace. A library makes this hall exclusive.


It’s a private hall specially designed for playing club poker and roulette, equipped to provide you with maximum comfort. The high level of service will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated guests.

Grand hall

This hall is the diamond of our casino. Here we offer you the highest level of game in private atmosphere; the hall has a separate game area and its own restaurant.

Beijing hall

It is the hall of the most modern slot machines. Here you could find more than 80 slot machines and electronic roulette. The feature of Beijing Hall is a bookmaker's office.

Opera Casino is designed according to the best traditions of elite gambling houses. Opera Casino features high stakes, VIP games options and unprecedentedly big prizes.

The hotel guests enjoy free access to the casino.

Contact telephone:

Casino reception +375 17 2382020

Working hours:

7 days a week twenty-four hours

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