SPA Care

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SPA Care

SPA Care enhances muscle repair and recovery. Unique atmosphere and quilifies massage therapists help you relax.
The massage techniques help produce a calm and relaxing mood. It is a great way for people to rejuvenate and soothe themselves psychologically from stress.

SPA Care is open for ordering.
Book your favourite procedure in advance!

Chinese Foot SPA care (60 min) - 80 BYN
The program includes foot steaming + foot massage + hand and shoulder massage.

“Oriental” SPA-care (100 min) - 160 BYN
The program starts with foot SPA care and continues with point-reflexology massage of the entire body and head.

Traditional Chinese “Tui-na An-mo” SPA Care (60 min) - 110 BYN
Chinese “Tui Na” means to knead, whilst “An Mo” means to massage, what describes the basis of the technique of performing Chinese traditional dry SPA care in a pinpoint manner.

"Zonal" SPA Care (30 min) - 60 BYN
Head, neck and shoulder / Waist, legs, back (optional). A choice of reflexology massage of upper or lower body parts, performed according to the Chinese pinpoint techniques.

Five Elements SPA Body Care (stonetherapy | herbal balls optional)(100 min) - 200 BYN
Spa care combines manual techniques and massage with hot elements: hot stones or herbal bags.
Stone therapy ("water" element) is carried out with stones made of white jade. It is suitable for people suffering from headaches, chronic fatigue, stress, muscle pain and low immunity.
Herbal balls ("metal" element) combines physiotherapy, aromatherapy and phytotherapy. It is recommended for coping with strong mental stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.

SPA Care with oils "Classic" (60 min) - 140 BYN
Classical massage with essential oils is based on a combination of Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Oriental massage techniques.

"Relax" SPA Care with wrapping (120 min) - 270 BYN
The program includes scrubbing with salt, applying a mask on the body and a relaxing massage with a nourishing cream. Thanks to the clay-based body mask and additional components (algae, milk, red wine, sea mud optional) a noticeable cosmetic effect is achieved: skin gets the healthy appearance, beautiful natural color, becomes marble-smooth and well-groomed.

Anti-cellulite SPA Care (60 min) - 140 BYN
The massage carried out in the manual technique is aimed at correcting the cosmetic defects of the problem areas and stimulating the burning of fat deposits in the subcutaneous layers.

Full Body and Facial Treatment "Shine" (180 min) - 400 BYN
Kobido Face Treatment (60 min) - 165 BYN
Facial (45 min) - 100 BYN
The mix of the classic European facial massage technique with the Chinese acupressure relaxes face muscles, shapes facial oval, smoothes wrinkles, refreshes and improves the look of the face.

Special offer
Get a 20% discount on facial massage when purchasing any spa treatment + facial massage / Kobido facial treatment

Prepaid Cards
Silver (1 year / 15 %) 1000 BYN
Gold (1 year / 30 %) 2000 BYN