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Beijing Hotel took part in the opening ceremony of The Chinese Cinema Week in Minsk.

24 November 2015

Works of Chinese filmmakers is a unique opportunity for citizens of Minsk and guests of Beijing Hotel to know Chinese filmmaking culture. The week started with a comedy melodrama “Close enemies” by Xu Jinglei. The program of the week includes movies of different genres, such as war drama, animation, comedy melodrama, biographical drama. All of the movies will be broadcasted in its original language with subtitles in Russian. Cinema shows will begin at 18.30, at 16.30 and 18.30 on November 27th. Anyone who wants to participate can get the tickets free of charge in one of the cinema ticket offices one hour before the show. Moreover Belarus Republic Confucius Institute in Belarusian State University prepared subtitles in Chinese for the popular movie by Elem Klimov “Come and See”. The premiere of the movie in 1985 was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of The Victory in Great Patriotic War. The movie will be shown at Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum on November 30th. The Chinese Cinema Week is organized by Belarus Republic Confucius Institute in Belarusian State University and embassy of PRC in Belarus. All the information was provided by Belarusian Telegraph Agency.