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Love with a specialty! The Valenine’s day in Beijing Hotel!

01 February 2016

Soar on the wings of love to the Celestial Empire and spend the Valentine’s Day in the most romantic place!

On February 14 Beijing hotel offers the following services for the lovers:

- The original cuisine of the Chinese chef

- The cocktails from our brand bartender

- The tea ceremony

- The thematic photo session area

- The romantic live music

- The karaoke

We start at 18:00

China has its own traditional romantic Valentine’s Day called Qixijie. The Chinese celebrate it on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. Thus it has one more name – the Festival of the Double Seven. But still February 14 from year to year tops the record levels in the number of marriages and bouquets of flowers sold on this day.

Table reserve by phone +375 17 328 7777.