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Secrets of the imperial recipes disclosed in a Chinese restaurant "Seasons".

11 August 2015

"Lion Heads", chicken with peanuts, crispy shrimp and fried tofu with mushrooms ... Boarders of our Chinese menu have expanded. Now, in addition to northern China cuisine you can taste the dishes of southern provinces. Particular attention should be paid to the imperial table dishes, the origin of which has a lot of legends. The new chef of the restaurant "Seasons" Wang Ying described the peculiarities of the menu changes. The passion to cooking he took over from his mother. And by the age of 28 he has become professionally engaged in culinary art. During this time he worked as a cook in three- and five-star hotels, in Chinese National Army, was cooking for the Chinese governmental officials. - Now our guests can enjoy a taste of Chinese gastronomy in all its diversity. We presented dishes of both North and South China cuisine. South cuisine is more calm and sweet. We offer our guests the most popular recipes of China. Frankly, some of them were adapted to Belarus tastes. For example, Chinese like it when chicken and fish are cooked with bones. It saturates the taste of the product. But in our menu, many dishes are without bones, which is convenient when eating. Another example are ribs in sweet and sour sauce - in Belarus we make them sweeter. We are very pedantic in choosing the products. For cooking "Lion Heads from Yangzhou no spices" (literal translation from Chinese) our chefs chop the meat themselves, in most other places forcemeat is used. Therefore, in the restaurant "Seasons" by selecting this dish you get 60% of lean meat. By the way, the invention of this recipe, according to legend, is associated with the emperor Yang (Sui Yang Di Yang Chang).Yang Di Yang Chang).