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The antique Italian dessert.

27 July 2016

Italy is famous for its vast and sophisticated cuisine, that is why we continue the topic of the best Italian dishes, which you could try already this Sunday, July 31st, in Beijing Hotel during the Sunday Brunch.

Sopa Inglesa (is translated as “English Soup”) – it is an antique Italian dessert. It was created by the cooks of the Medici Dynasty during the renaissance period. There is a theory that the dish received such name, because it was very much liked by English people, which already in XV century preferred to spend long time in Tuscany.

Sopa Inglesa is a fluffy biscuit with the gentle vanilla cream. But why “Soup”? Turns out, that the name of the dessert is originates from Italian verb “inzuppare”, which means “to soak”, “to dip”. Here it’s about the biscuit, which is dipped into the liquor.