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The feast of the feasts!

10 August 2016

Russian legends during the Sunday Brunch! On 14th of August you will be able to visit the King’s table! You will have a chance to try delightful, curious recipes that for a long time were kept in a secret, thus you will have a chance to touch the history. The main dishes of the Russian menu on the Sunday Brunch: sturgeon a la Moscow, piglet galantine and Siberian hand-made meat dumplings.

You are welcome to try an excellent cuisine that worth the royal table!

Cost of the Sunday Brunch (Chinese and European cuisine, drinks, SPA, yoga, sun tan zone): 500 000 BYR (50.00 BYN)

750 000 BYR (75.00 BYN) – including SPA-centre.

Children under 3 years old – for free, under 8 years old – 50% discount.

Hours: 11:30 – 14:00. SPA-centre: 11:00 – 16:00.

More information: +375 17 329 77 77.