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Women's Forum «She»

18 April 2015

During the Women's Forum «She», which was held at Beijing Hotel, Minsk, experts and guests discussed how a modern woman could find a balance between her family and work, but still not lose the inner harmony.

This year, the organizers also invited Russian experts on the issues of female beauty and psychology: Katya Gordon, Russian TV and radio host, the creator of the legal and psychological assistance center «Saferoom»; Leo Vozhevatov, one of the most influential charisma and relations coach in the CIS countries; Alexander Poleev, a sexologist, PhD, associate professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Besides Russian headliners, Belarusian expert speakers shared their vision on the secrets of female happiness. Natalia Dichkovskaya, certified aromatherapist, talked about natural cosmetics and the ways to keep your beauty. Svetlana Zere, the head of LADY.TUT.BY and the director of the project «Lady Boss», spoke about the balance between femininity and success of a modern woman.

Between the presentations, participants were able to get an advice on cosmetic procedures and natural cosmetics, etc. A relaxing music in the foyer created a perfect atmosphere for communication and making new acquaintances.