Hot Pot Festival at the Seasons Chinese Restaurant

Hot Pot Festival at the Seasons Chinese Restaurant

Cold and windy weather means one thing: it's hot pot season! Chinese hot pot is one of the ultimate communal dining experiences: diners sit around a table, dipping prepared meats, seafood, and vegetables into simmering broths to quickly cook before eating. Such kind of food is believed to be healthier because it retains many nutrients during cooking. And the most important thing: hot pot is not just tasty and healthy food! It is one of the most social of dining formats, a pleasant pastime with family and friends. 

This season, our Chef Lv Xinpin has developed new broths that you will definitely love:

Bone broth with corn

Tomato broth

Duo of fish broths

Mushroom broth

Hot and sour fish broth

Just come to the Seasons restaurant and immerse yourself in the centuries-old Chinese traditions!

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